Use an IT recruitment bureau for filling in IT vacancies fast

Organisations that need IT staff often have difficulties finding the right people within time. IT business is growing fast and IT professionals are, unfortunately, scarcely around. Is your HR department also struggling to find the right IT professional? luke Recruitment gladly helps you to find the right staff for your IT department. luke Recruitment specializes in different fields, from which IT is an important one. As an IT recruitment bureau, we know everything that is to know about IT. Terms like ETL, datawarehouse management and programming languages are no secrets to us. Therefore, we can be the perfect partner for drawing up a complete vacancy text and finding the right person for the job. As IT demands more and more of our time, it makes perfect sense you direct your attention regularly to your IT staff. Do you still have all the disciplines you need to perform at your best? Need an ETL-specialist as soon as possible, or want to migrate systems to a new ERP platform? We can provide you with the best people for these jobs. Especially when your IT department is one of the main departments in your company or when your organisation is fully focused on IT,  you want to make sure you have the best staff possible. To make this happen, you can count on luke Recruiting: the best partner in IT recruitment. 

IT recruitment bureau: digital recruitment Recruitment has collected numerous highly talented job seekers who can fill in your vacancy. We know that it can be very time consuming to look for talented people. Therefore, we designed our own digital recruitment system. Our IT recruitment bureau uses this system daiily. Interested job seekers apply for our database, for which they take tests online. They receive the results and are selected for our database when these results are sufficient. The first step of our recruiting system is thus automated. Our system is able to connect suitable candidates with your job opening. Bases on this, our IT recruitment bureau proposes several cadidates for an interview. As employer, you decide to interview the candidates. Of course, this can be done in person at your own organisation. Our IT recruitment bureau only serves as a first selection tool. You make the decision on hiring and you can follow up with your hiring process the way you like.

Take the test

As mentioned above, our potential candidates take several tests. This enables the IT recruitment bureau to take inventory of their strengths and weaknesses. As an employer, you can take these tests as well. In this way, you’ll experience the power of these tests. If you are not yet convinced or our method, this will surely persuade you of our system. Our tests take inventory of:

  • personality traits
  • leadership skills
  • strenghts and weaknesses

If you want to find out about our methods or want to know more about our IT recruitment bureau, you can contact us via our website. For one qualified staff member or hiring a whole new department, we can set you up with the right people. The best people are found with help of the best IT recruitment bureau. Make use of our experience and our AI based method, and your IT department will work swiftly and efficiently in the future.