Modifiable spiral conveyors

To be able to transport and process products in either a post distribution office or at the airport where package come in and need to be checked, a proper and efficient converter belt is most often very much desired. To safe space and therefore allow the employees at the workplace to have more space to move around, a spiral conveyor belt would be ideal. Apollo offers several kinds of Spiral conveyors. Apollo is a family business that has been developing transport and logistic systems as well as their baling and dealing systems ever since 1847. They are specialized in these kinds of systems and therefore offer good quality.

Modifiable spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors

The Spiral Conveyors of Apollo have been designed with a technology that has been proven to be reliable. This technology of Apollo offers various features and benefits. The technology also makes the Apollo Spiral Conveyors both more reliable and faster than the other existing vertical transport solutions. Of course, there are numerous conveyors to discover. Here are a couple of them put into a list:

  • The Single Lane Spiral Conveyor. This Conveyor belt saves up space and will increase the throughput. It transports the products either up or down in a continuous flow. The conveyor has features among which are: the conveyor has one motor, low friction operation, low maintenance and it can load up about 50 kilograms per meter. 
  • The Dual Lane Spiral Conveyors. This conveyor has two spirals in one, resulting in twice as much throughput. This conveyor would be more ideal for businesses with a higher capacity need, but with a limited amount of floor space.
  • The Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor. This machine handles various kinds of bottles, among which are full bottles, empty bottles, cans and jars. The products are transported vertically and in a continuous flow. Some of its features are that it has one motor, it has low maintenance and it has a built-in protection. 
  • The Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor. The Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor is ideal for tougher jobs. They can reach a greater height and they can also handle more weight than the other conveyors. Moreover, it can handle about double the capacity of the normal conveyor belts. 
  • Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyors. These machines can handle small loads. In turn, this conveyor also requires less space. It is more ideal to be used for the smaller products in the beverage, food and personal care industries.
  • The Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor. This conveyor is ideal for conveying various products that have different load sizes. Therefore, this machine is best used for warehousing and order picking operations. 

Modifying Spiral conveyors

The Spiral Conveyors of Apollo can also be modified with several options. One of these options is the so-called shoot in and out conveyor. This makes possible that products can enter and leave the Spiral Conveyor from different floor levels. Another option is the Monorail Conveyor. This conveyor is specifically ideal for inclining and declining in the tighter quarters. 

The Spiral Conveyors of Apollo are thus proven to be reliable. There is a broad spectrum to choose from, each conveyor having different purposes. Moreover, the conveyors can be modified as well. This makes it worth it to take a look at the Spiral Conveyors of Apollo!