Are you planning to set up a Dutch BV?

Are you planning to move to the Netherlands and to set up a Dutch BV? Then you might want to get some help from Intercompany Solutions. They specialize in starting and growing business in the Netherlands, and offer help to those willing to do so. One of their services is the full-service plan that they offer for a fixed price. It’s completely transparant and not complicated at all. This package covers all of the following types of help when establishing a Dutch BV:

  • Assistance with local regulations
  • Application for a VAT number
  • Application for a company bank account
  • Help with registering your business at the Chamber of Commerce

All of these things might not be very difficult for people that speak Dutch, but it might be really complicated for those that don’t. Which is exactly why they started to offer these types of help in the first place. And before you even register your business you also might want to consider getting their advise on the type of business formation that you want to setup. Maybe a Dutch BV doesn’t really fit your needs and there’s another company formation that suits your business idea way better. Their business law experts can tell you all about it, but on their website you’ll also already find lots of information about the different types of business formations that you can register at the Chamber of Commerce.

Are you planning to set up a Dutch BV?

Why setting up a Dutch BV is a good idea

The Netherlands has a very good business climate, especially for foreigners. We are home to many foreign entrepreneurs and not for no reason. Holland (also: the Netherlands) is one of the most competitive and innovative countries in the world, and in combination with the ideal situation and its part in the EU makes it the ideal country to setup your business, for example that Dutch BV you were thinking about. You can freely import and export goods within other European countries without having to pay taxes, and can take advantage of the wide range of options logistically. Other than that there are several other advantages of setting up a Dutch BV, like the super low percentage of corporate tax rate of 16,5% and the high number of natives that speak English. It won’t be easy to find good and professional employees (and customers!) that are fluent in English, which makes doing business in the Netherlands fairly easy.

Starting a Dutch BV or NV?

Do you have doubts about wether you should establish a Dutch BV or NV? Then you might want to schedule an appointment with one of the law experts of Intercompany Solutions. They can tell you everything about the benefits of both types of business formations, and aso about how they can help you register and grow it. Because their services don’t stop after your company has been registered. They can help you with for example accounting and assisting, depending on your needs. And since they only work with professionals you are assured of the best help possible, that will make your business grow as quickly as possible.