PTFE glass antistatic: all the information you need

Today we will provide all the information you need about PTFE glass antistatic. Also, we will introduce Hardick to you, because there are several reasons to choose for Hardick, that is one thing that is for sure. Read with us and get to know Hardick as well as their products and in particular: PTFE glass antistatic. By the way, you can visit them via You can purchase the products there. 

What is PTFE glass antistatic? 

As we have told you, Hardick can be visited via They provide a variety of PTFE fabrics, in different designs and in different thicknesses. One example we want to tell you more about is the PTFE glass antistatic fabric. This is a closed type that can be supplied from stock and they are offered in any length and also almost any desired width. They can be used for a lot of applications; the maximum widths of the fabrics depend on the quality that you want. You can find these information on internet as well. More facts about the PTFE glass antistatic are the following:
  • The range is between 1,500 and 4,000 mm
  • The standard lengths they offer are 30 m and 50 m
  • There is a possibility to produce larger lengths up to 500 m 
You can always call them of send an e-mail if you have any questions. It doesn’t matter what type of question it is. Hardick is a European market leader in PTFE glass antistatic products and that is exactly the reason why you should choose for them to be your supplier. They offer great quality and everything you need. If you encounter problems with your product, their service team is always able to help  you. They are available on every hour of the day. That is great, isn’t it? We want to tell more about Hardick, because there is much more to tell. You can read this in the last part of this article. 

Who is Hardick? 

Hardick is founded in 1913 and nowadays a market leader in PTFE glass antistatic products. They are in this specific PTFE-market since the 60’s and they have built up a lot of knowledge as well as experience of course. That is why they are a perfect choice if you want to go for the PTFE glass antistatic products. They produce and supply to order and they keep a large stock of semi-finished products. Their products are always made to your specifications, they advise, they support and they repair. That is all part of the standard service they offer. But they offer a lot more, don’t worry! Their team enjoys working for you, so they enjoy answering your questions as well. They have rush delivery and emergency repair services that are always possible, so you do not have to wait if you want your problem to be solved. Are there more thing you want to know? You can visit them via Furthermore, we would like to hear your experiences with them, we are collecting all the experiences because we believe that it can make a company even more stronger than they already are.