Display fireworks

Beautiful display fireworks can lighten up any party, with the correct fireworks of course. At Dynamic Fireworks we have everything you need, from barrages to  fountains. We can advise you as to what fireworks to choose or even create an entire display for your special occasion, such as a wedding or a civil partnership. You get fast delivery on all orders and we have special offers every day, such as buy one, get one for free offers. If you want more information you can always visit one of our year round showrooms in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk.

The best display fireworks on the market

The most popular items that we carry are without a doubt the barrages and cakes. These display fireworks can put on quite a show and are easy to use, which probably explains their popularity, but do not underestimate the power that they can carry. It really depends on the item that you choose what kind of display you get. You can pick a barrage that consists of larger but fewer shots, but there is also an option for small rapidly fired shots. The great thing about barrages and cakes is that you only have to light the fuse once, after which the internal fuses start burning and you only have to wait and enjoy. Because these fuses are cleverly created the timing can be very precise. This makes firing small shots rapidly possible, which is something that cannot be done manually. We have over 50 different barrages and cakes available, ranging from low noise options to big packages that offer a long show of beautiful display fireworks. If you want even more bang in one single shot rockets are also an option. Rockets often carry more explosive weight per shot, but can only be fired in one single shot. Combining rockets, barrages and cakes is another option if you want the best of both worlds. We also carry smaller display fireworks, if you want to keep it small. Fountains are small on the ground display fireworks that fire a continuous stream up in the air. These are ideal for small parties and can for example be combined with candles. These sticks fire up to ten shots in rapid succession up in the air, which makes them an ideal budget choice. These display fireworks can be combined with wheels and lancework, two classic display fireworks. Using all these options together can create quite a show. We also offer display fireworks for indoor use, such as ice fountains. These fountains fire not as high and burn at a lower temperature, which means they are safe to be used inside.

For any party or ocassion

If you want to liven up your party with a big display you can let us design and execute a beautiful display. We have over 25 years of experience in providing high quality fireworks in the UK and are one of the most respected firework companies. We combine our display fireworks with an in-depth knowledge of pyrotechnics, so we can create a safe and amazing firework display for your occasion. Our display fireworks are fired with a state of the art digital firing system, which ensures impeccable timing. Are you interested or just curious what https://dynamicfireworks.co.uk/ can offer you? Come visit one of our showrooms, where we can explain exactly what it is we do and how we can help you. We pride ourselves in our 25 year long experience and strive to offer you the best fireworks display you have seen in your life.