Tillage machines by Evers Agro

The Netherlands has always been a country that would go the extra mile in order to produce more. The land is fertile, but it is always threatened by the water, as most of the land lies below sea level. There are many people to be fed, but space for agriculture was always limited. Therefore, the Dutch have had to be inventive and look for different ways to make things work. The challenges the Dutch had to work with, resulted in a creative spirit, developing possibilities out of impossibilities. The Dutch invention of the polder is of course one of the most famous examples of Dutch inventiveness. But also in other areas, the rest of the world can now benefit from the skills and knowledge they have gathered. Agriculture is another example of Dutch expertise. At https://eversagro.com/, we combine solid knowledge with creative innovation in developing the best tillage machines. In 1962, our company was started by Johann Evers, who had developed a new type of subsoiler while working as a blacksmith. This innovation has been very successful, as it was the product that made Evers’ company grow in the sixties but is still used in modern subsoilers that are sold today. In the first years of the company’s existence, sales did not extend beyond the region. Next to selling tillage machines, the company led by the blacksmith Johann Evers was also active in other branches, such as construction and installation. Only after almost twenty years the company took to the national market. This was a successful move, and eventually led to the splitting of the company into three:

  • Evers Installation;
  • Evers Steel Construction;
  • Evers Agro, which continued to produce tillage machines and other agricultural products.

By now, Evers Agro has crossed the border and will address the international market with the solid machinery it has been developing over the years.

Tillage machines developed by you and us

At Evers Agro, we do our best to develop tillage machines that are most suited to do the work they have to do. During our existence, we have always sought the expertise of farmers who work with the gear we provide. By doing so, we can enhance the designs we use. In other words: we want feedback! The fact that our company has been growing so much is the result of the collaboration that we have always sought with the farmers, who are the end users of our tillage machines. We intend to upkeep this strategy and keep growing, even in foreign land. At Evers Agro, we are always open to good discussion and feedback. We are curious for your wishes and needs. If you are also curious for us and the way we manufacture our tillage machines, we warmly invite you to come and take a look at our factory in the east of the Netherlands. You are welcome to come by and explore the production of tillage machines. It is worth the trip!

Special wishes and needs: custom made machines

We offer a large supply of tillage machines, so probably there must be something we can offer readily to you and your company. From cultivators to seed drills, we house everything you could wish for. However, some situations demand unique solutions. At Evers Agro, we can help. We can make tillage machines designed specifically for your company. With our expertise and experience in steel construction we will find the best solution. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to find out what we can do for you. Read More..